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Play Readings
A Complete Guide for Theatre Practitioners


Play Readings: A Complete Guide for Theatre Practitioners demystifies the standards and protocols of a play reading, demonstrating how to create effective and evocative readings for those new to or inexperienced with the genre. It examines all of the essential considerations involved in readings, including the use of the venue, pre-reading preparations, playwright/director communication, editing/adapting stage directions, casting, using the limited rehearsal time effectively, simple "staging" suggestions, working with actors, handling complex stage directions, talkbacks, and limiting the use of props, costumes, and music. A variety of readings are covered, including readings of musicals, operas, and period plays, for comprehensive coverage of this increasingly prevalent production form.

The Best Stage Scenes of 2000


The latest edition of America's best-selling scene series for women and men. All scenes are excerpted from plays produced during the 2000 theatrical season.

Mission: Competition


SEVEN PLAYS ADAPTED BY THE AUTHORS FOR SCHOOL COMPETITION AND ADJUDICATION | APPLICATION PENDING by Greg Edwards & Andy Sandberg (Multi/Flexible). It features UMW: UNIVERSITY OF MOSTLY WHITES by Rob Urbinati (7F, 5M). Diversity becomes a hot-button topic when an anti-Asian YouTube rant goes viral.

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